Siiri Sampson is a Seattle, Washington native with a diverse background, having trained and worked with award-winning chefs and kitchens in the United States and Western Europe. Siiri moved to Spain for a deep cultural immersion in her field, training with the chefs, farmers, butchers, and winemakers that are the backbone of Spain’s rich and vibrant tradition, leading the charge in the current progressive food scene.

After leading and expanding programs for James Beard Award-winning and Michelin rated fine dining restaurants, Chef Siiri has moved exclusively to teaching and consulting!

Food education, cooking classes, and nutritional guidance across myriad industries (medical, nutrition, fitness, and professional chef) are now her central focus. She is the conduit that delivers easy-to-understand, step-by-step content.

Ultimately, her focus is on food fundamental education: mechanics of ingredients, efficient techniques from the professional commercial kitchen world, and helping others feel empowered in the kitchen, without spending more time, money, or energy than necessary.

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